Distinctive aspect of Vedic Astrology

  1. Introduction

    Astrology has been the most ancient science in the world. There will not be a single country where Astrology is not in practice. Though Astrology as a science will differ in its forms and content in different countries, but its sole intention is to help people in their problems.

  2. Distinctive Aspect

    Vedic Astrology also has its speciality in principles and the way of prediction. The Vedic Astrology has given utmost importance to the Moon.
    The Moon is the closest planet [satellite of the Earth] to the Earth. Hence it exerts maximum influence on the environment and off course on nature. The effect of the Moon on the sea tides is well known. As the human being is the part of the nature, he too comes under the influence of the Moon.

  3. Influence of the Moon on Mind

    The thinking ability of the human being is a special god gift while all other living animals are acting on survival instinct.
    The human Mind starts thinking as soon as he gets up in the morning and keeps thinking until he goes to bed. If we observe keenly, then we will find that the subjects of thinking keeps changing time to time in a day. This is due to the positional changes of the Moon and it's changing relationship with other planets.

    The Moon is the signifactor of Mind.

    The Mind thinks first and then we act as per our thinking. Hence the mind is the key for every event and deed in our life.

    The Mind has two important qualities- Self encouragement and Self control.

    During application of Vedic Astrology one must study the Astrological aspect of the Moon in ones horoscope. The detail study of the Moon in Horoscope will confirm ones mind set and then it will be very easy to answer queries regarding relationship with family members, profession and related problems, economic growth, love, sexual problems, peace of Mind, spirituality, psychological or behavioral problems, drug and alcohol addiction etc.

  4. Importance of the Moon in Horoscope for Health

    Our body is a very good friend of us. It is always fighting to keep us healthy. But the person who ignores inner instinct and behaves differently i.e. termed as Pradnyaparadha, will never be in a physically healthy condition.

    According to Ayurveda Pradnyaparadha is the most important cause of the diseases. The Pradnyaparadhais due to uncontrolled Mind.
    By studying ones horoscope we could judge whether the person is prone to Pradnyaparadha or not.
    e.g. Suppose the Moon is in conjugation with Jupiter then the person will rarely do Pradnyaparadha but when the Moon is in conjugation with the Venus the person may be addicted to all sorts of vices easily. Off course such addicted person will have different types of diseases.

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