Correlation of Ayurved and Vedic Astrology

The principles behind Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda are same. For Example

The Panchabhautic Sidhantai.e. the Five principles theory behind the formation of each and every particle , living as well as nonliving of this world. They are classified namely as

  1. Pruthvi principle i.e. Earth
  2. Jala principle i.e. Water
  3. Tej principle i.e. Fire
  4. Vayu principle i.e. Air
  5. Akasha principle i.e. Vaccum

This Five principle theory is the basic foundation of the Ayurvedic way of Medicine.

The Vedic Astrology also accepted the Five principle theory and described characteristics of Signs as Watery, Firry, Gaseous etc

The Tridosha Sidhanta i.e. Three principles which are the basic causes of every disease. They are Vata dosha, Pitta dosha and kafa dosha.

In Ayurvedic Medicine utmost importance has been given to the Tridosh principle theory. Every disease has been explained on the basis of Tridosha principle.

In Vedic Astrology it has been said that the Saturn is a signifactor of Vata dosha , the Mars is the signifactor of Pitta dosha and the Jupiter is the signifactor of kafa dosha.

Hence since ancient period Vedic Astrology has been used as a tool for diagnosis by the Ayurvedic practitioners for the benefit of patients.

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