Case Study - 4 Application of Astrology to find out an unknown factors which indicates line of treatment

  • Name : XYZ
  • Birth Time : 13.13 PM
  • Birth Date : 12/10/1993
  • Birth Place : Indore , India

Details:This patient was suffering from allergy of Sun rays. According to Astrology patient is under the influence of Venus Mahadasha and Jupiter Untardasha. Venus is in the constellation of Uttara Nakshatra whose lord is the Sun. The Venus is the lord of sixth house which denotes ailments. The Jupiter and the Sun are in conjugation and both are in the constellation of Chitra Nakshatra whose lord is the Mars. The Jupiter is the signifactor of Ascendant which denotes physical well being.

Hence I concluded that the patient is under the influence of the Sun and the Mars during the period of ailment i.e. allergy to the Sun rays.

The Sun and the Mars are very hot by their nature and they are bound to create same characteristics in the patient.

Hence I treated the patient with the medicines which will kill the heat within the body.

I have not used anti allergic agents orally as well as locally. Now after treating for four months the patient is perfectly all right. Even she is able to expose herself to the Sun rays..

By this way Vedic Astrology has given me a more insight while treating patient.

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