Case Study - 3 Application of Astrology to find out an unknown factors which indicates line of treatment

  • Name : XYZ
  • Birth Time : 21.30 PM
  • Birth Date : 27/11/1968
  • Birth Place : Pune, India

Details:This patient was suffering from Shwetakushtha i.e. Leucoderma since 1997. During this period, the patient was under the influence of the Saturn (Lord of Mahadasha) and the Mars (Lord of Untardasha).

According to his horoscope he was under influence of the Moon Mahadasha during the period of his ailment i.e. headache.

When I studied his birth chart i.e. horoscope I found the Saturn is a signifactor of 7th and 8th house and aspecting as well as dominating the Venus.

The Mars is the signifactor of 5th house and is having perfect square with the Venus. The Venus is situated in 6th house which indicates ailments. The Venus also indicates love and sex.The 5th house indicates love where as 7th house indicate relationship with woman.

Hence I concluded that there must be a woman and relationship with her is directly or indirectly the main cause behind Leucoderma, the ailment

When I pointedly asked about any incidence related with any woman before starting of Leucoderma , he was surprised. Because he lost his fiancee and just after eight days he noticed a patch of Leucoderma over lips. The patient did not consider the information about his private life necessary in relation with his ailment.

According to Ayurveda due to above mentioned event the Shukra Dhatu became malefic and had to be considered for treatment. So while treating ailment, i gave prime importance to pathology within the Shukra Dhatu.

By this way Vedic Astrology has given me a more insight while treating patient.

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