Case Study - 2 Application of Astrology for Diagnosis

  • Name : XYZ
  • Birth Time : 17.25 PM
  • Birth Date : 14/01/1941
  • Birth Place : Pune, India

Details:This patient is suffering from severe headache since many months. He used to take daily heavy doses of analgesics.

According to his horoscope he was under influence of the Moon Mahadasha during the period of his ailment i.e. headache.

The Moon is situated in his own house that is in Cancer. The Moon is in the Pushya Nakshatra whose lord is Saturn. The Saturn is in a debilitating position and in conjugation with the Jupiter. The Saturn and the Jupiter are in perfectly square with the Moon. The Saturn is also the signifactore of 8th house. It indicated seriousness of pathology.

Hence I concluded that the pathology is due to the Saturn and must be in Raktadhatu i.e. blood. [ because the Moon signifies blood] As the Saturn is in Aries and the sign Aries signifies head, the pathology must be in his head or blood supply related to head.

Hence I advised him to get done MR Angiography.

The MR Angiography reported as Tortuosity with narrowing of both Internal Carotid Arteries. [Supplying blood to brain]

I treated him with Ayurvedic medicines. After one month of treatment his headache completely stopped.

By this way Vedic Astrology has given me a more insight in diagnosis.

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