Case Study - 1 Application of Astrology for Diagnosis & Prevention

  • Name : XYZ
  • Birth Time : 09.17 AM
  • Birth Date : 03/06/1995
  • Birth Place : Pune, India

Details:This baby is suffering from constipation from the age of ten months.The Mahadasha of the Saturn was ongoing at the time of birth. Saturn is situated in Purva bhadrapada Nakshatra whose lord is Jupiter. Hence during the Mahadasha of the Saturn the baby was actually experiencing the effects of the Jupiter.

The Jupiter is the signifactor of 6th house and it is situated in Scorpio sign. The 6th house denotes ailments. Again the sign Scorpio has an influence on Rectum where the fecal matter gets stored. That means the Rectum of this baby was under the influence of the Jupiter. At this age of the baby , milk is the basic source of nourishment. Milk increases Kafa Dosha and the Jupiter is the signifactor of Kafa Dosha, which is ultimately a cause of constipation. Hence I advised to stop milk feed and an alternative feed was suggested.

Within two days that baby started passing stool regularly.

This way the birth chart of the patient helped me to cure constipation by simply avoiding milk intake.

Hence the study of the birth chart i.e. horoscope of the new born could help us to select proper food which will be suitable to the baby according to his or her constitution

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