Diseases Diagnosis in Ayurveda

The Ayurveda gives more importance to person's Prakruti i.e. Constitution while treating patient. The beauty of the treatment is in the selection of medicines which is different from person to person for the same disease.

For examination of the patient and diagnosis of the disease various methods have been advocated. One of the famous methods of diagnosis is Nadi Pariksha i.e. examination of Radial pulse. The second famous method of diagnosis is to use the knowledge of Vedic Astrology and study ones birth chart i.e.Kundali.

Astrology has been used for the purpose of diagnosis of diseases, it's prevention and treatment since ancient times by the practitioners of Ayurveda.

The Ayurveda has stated seven basic constituents of the human body. These seven basic constituents are termed as DHATU. They are Rasadhatu (Lymph and Serous Fluids), Raktadhatu (Blood), Mansadhatu (Muscles), Medadhatu (Fats), Asthidhatu (Bones), Majjadhatu (Bone Marrow and Brain) and Shukradhatu (The substance which is responsible for reproduction of each cell and human being).

In the process of formation of any disease first the Tridosha namely Vata , Pitta , Kafa becomes malefic. Then in second stage the malefic Tridosha will affect the weak [qualitatively weak as well as quantitatively weak] Dhatu and the process of disease will be complete in the same Dhatu.

When a disease is formed in Rasadhatu, it is called as Rasagata vyadhi (Diseases related with Lymphatic system) Rasa is a dhatu, gata means to be into and vyadhi means disease. When a disease is formed in Rakatdhatu it is called as Raktagata vyadhi (Diseases related with Blood).

Like wise there are Mansagata vyadhi (Diseases related with Muscles), Medagata vyadhi (Diseases related with Fats), Asthigata vyadhi (Diseases related with Bones), Majjagata vyadhi (Diseases related with Bone Marrow and Brain) and Shukragata vyadhi (Diseases related with Reproduction and Reproductive system)

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