The Role of Vedic Astrology

(In prediction, prevention, diagnosis and cure of diseases)

Disease Treatment

While treating patients the knowledge and application of Ayurveda is important and the knowledge of Vedic Astrology has to be used as a tool for diagnosis. ([Please refer Disease Diagnosis.)

Off course the treatment will be by Ayuvedic medicinal preparations.

It has been said in Astrology that Topaz is the precious stone for the Jupiter, Diamond is the precious stone for Venus. Likewise each Planet has its own precious stone which gives us beneficial results when we use them in ring.

In Ayurveda there are many combinations, which contain precious stone like Diamond, Topaz, Ruby etc in powder form i.e. Bhasma and they are advocated to be useful in many diseases. These preparations have to be used internally.

  1. Prediction

    The prediction of disease with the help of Birth Chart is possible. The period of ailment can be predicted and appropriate action in terms of medication as well as investigations could be suggested.

  2. Prevention

    With the help of Birth Chart and studying planetary positions one could be judged the status of Dhatus in the human being from its birth. The weakness of the particular Dhatu could be judged. Hence the person could be advised accordingly. The dietary changes could be suggested to strengthen that particular weak Dhatu. The person could be treated with appropriate medicines, if necessary.

    The strengthening of weak Dhatu will prevent disease.

  3. Diagnosis

    When a person is suffering from a disease the study of his Birth Chart and the planetary positions will give us more precise status of Tridosha and seven Dhatus. Hence the differential diagnosis will be more accurate.

  4. Cure

    Whether the disease is curable or non curable ?

    Whether surgical intervention is necessary or it could be treated with medicines ?

    Such questions could be answered with the help of Birth Chart.

    The more accurate diagnosis will ultimately result into more accurate treatment

Our Mission

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